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If you don’t see the exact keepsake you have in mind on our website, here is where you tell us what you envision. With our CAD designers, goldsmiths, Certified Gemologists, and team of artisans, we can create almost any type of jewelry you desire.

Here’s how the custom process works:

  • Upload an image that illustrates what you want. It can be a drawing, a photo, a scan, or any other image you feel will get across to us what you are going for.
  • Describe what you have in mind by typing a detailed description into the text box.
  • Submit your request.
  • We will create either a drawing or a 3D rendering of what we interpret you have requested.
  • You will see the drawing and either request modifications, or approve it.
  • Once you approve the drawing, we will be able to calculate the price. We’ll then provide you the quote.
  • If you approve, you will be billed and we will begin creating your keepsake.

Custom Order Form

We need to see the finger, hand, foot, paw, or nose print you want to use for this order. If applicable, enter your Session ID below. If you do not have a Session ID, please attach an image of your print here. For guidance taking a human print, see Taking Human Prints. For guidance with a pet print, see Taking Pet Prints.