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Family Direct Ordering

Make it easier than ever to provide your families comfort of the highest quality memorial keepsake available.

1 Capture

Use your fingerprint scanner and store prints in our online, double-encrypted Print Vault.

2 Share
Session ID's

Share the unique Session ID with your families, so they can place orders directly at their leisure.

3 Provide

The power of touch keeps families connected, and you generate revenue with each order.

What is a Session ID?

  • A funeral home Session ID is a number assigned to any given group of fingerprints taken with our fingerprint scanner and synced to our Print Vault®.
  • All prints captured and stored in the Print Vault® during each print session can be referenced using this unique number.
  • These numbers are tied to YOUR business, making sure YOU get the credit you deserver even when you empower families to place orders themselves.

Yes it can be as easy as providing your families with their Funeral Home Session ID and referring them to the Thumbies® website.

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