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Using Print Vault

Meadow Hill’s Print Vault is a storage system that secures all the prints taken with the Thumbies Fingerprint Scanner™. Its purpose is to protect both your families and your business.

Security is important to your families.
They trust your efforts to protect their personal information.

Security is equally important to your business.
Your concerns about mishaps, hackers and property damage are real. You also want to be good citizens in your community in the event of amber or silver alerts or if natural disasters strike.


  • Each Vault subscriber has a unique Vault folder—not unlike a safety deposit box at the bank. This folder resides on Meadow Hill’s server. 
  • Each print transmitted to the Vault is encrypted (encoding information in such a way that only authorized parties have access) and routinely backed-up using cloud technology. 
  • Each print image is fully identified with 25 data labels known as meta tags. These meta tags make short work of locating any print within your Print Vault. 
  • Subscribers receive unlimited upload and download privileges. In addition to decedent prints, this makes it possible to store prints taken pre-need or captured as part of community safety programs, conducted in partnership with local police, school districts and senior services. 
  • Assured compliance with all state privacy acts impacting the storage of biometric information. 
  • Meadow Hill accounts, placing orders through dnif lliw ,em)tsy S gniredrO cinortcele( SOe that prints stored in Print Vault auto-fill when the deceased’s name (as originally entered at print-taking) is entered into the on-line order form. 
  • Print Vault serves as the platform for doing fingerprint comparisons using Meadow Hill’s Last Touch software. 
  • The renewal price for the Print Vault service is reasonably priced at $100 for a one year subscription.

Using Biometric Scanner

Information on using our Biometric Scanner is available for download here: Thumbies® Fingerprint Scanner

How to Search for a Print

  1. Under Prints/Reports, tap on the box that states VIEW PRINTS/REPORTS.
  2. When the print history loads, select the name you are searching for. If the name you are looking for does not appear, search by entering the:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Case Number
    • Funeral Home Session ID, or
    • Date in the proper boxes provided. The more information supplied, the quicker the search. Tap on Search.
  3. Verify the name is spelled correctly. (If spelled incorrectly, use the Print Vault-Print Change Request form from the Directors Resource Page under Scanner + Vault Information) 
  4. Click on the arrow to the far right to view the uploaded session.
    • View a larger image: Tap on the edit icon. Scroll down and click on Full Size Image to enlarge the image.
    • Click on the “X” to close the screen.

How to find a Partner Session ID

Once signed into the Print Vault

  1. Tap on View Prints/Reports. 
  2. Find the individual you are searching for and tap the down arrow. 
  3. If the name you are looking for does not appear search by entering any of the following criteria:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Case Number, or
    • Date in the proper boxes provided. The more information supplied, the quicker the search. Tap on Search.
      • The ID# is listed under Funeral Home Session ID. Note: Make sure you are giving your families the Funeral Home Session ID# not the Print ID. 
      • The Funeral Home Session ID is assigned once a print session is synced to the Vault. If multiple print sessions are taken for the same individual, the Printee will be listed more than once in the vault. You may have to give the families multiple Funeral Home Session ID#’s for the same individual.

Print Information Deletion or Change Request

(this could be a form on the website)

Scanner User Manual (link to PDF)

Our Scanner User Manual is available for download here: "How To" User Manual