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Thumbies® - Our Enduring History

In 1998, an idea was born when a man received fingerprint charms of his daughters. Struck by how much these personal keepsakes comforted him, he believed that others would feel as deeply as he did with pieces of their loved ones. This drive to connect people and offer comfort led to the founding of Thumbies®.

We are proud to have kept these core values to this very day. The innovative products in our Thumbies and Buddies Pet Keepsakes® lines are designed to create an intimate connection with the client while remaining visually stunning. The skilled artisans in our elaborate manufacturing process can create fully-cast jewelry in five days or less and laser-engraved keepsakes the day they are ordered.

Our team is committed to creating comforting products that connect people from generation to generation. We at Thumbies® are driven to craft the perfect products for our clients. Now and always.