About Us

Comforting and Connecting Generations℠

At Thumbies®, we create personalized jewelry keepsakes that provide comfort and keep memories alive. Our team of uniquely talented artisans is located in Woodstock, IL, where we passionately craft each meaningful keepsake. We are the originators of fingerprint jewelry and have continued to separate ourselves within the industry by offering:

  • Fully-cast pieces made with a patented production method that mixes modern science and ancient art.
  • Laser-engraved keepsakes that can be ready to ship the same business day they are ordered.
  • Convenient partnerships with funeral homes to simplify ordering for families.

We create one-of-a-kind jewelry and accessories that bring a personal connection to their owner.

Our Passion

When surveyed, the main reason our people choose to work at Thumbies is for our friendly and meaningful environment. Each of our employees has a passion for the quality of our product and our company's values. Our team truly believes in our purpose of connecting people to the ones they love.

Our Story

In 1998, an idea was born when a man received fingerprint charms of his daughters. Struck by how much these personal keepsakes comforted him, he became committed to sharing this feeling with people everywhere. This drive to connect people and offer comfort became the core foundation of Thumbies.

We are proud to have kept these core values to this very day. The innovative products in our Thumbies and Buddies Pet Keepsake® lines are designed to create an intimate connection with the client while remaining visually stunning. The skilled artisans in our elaborate manufacturing process can create fully-cast jewelry in five days or less and laser-engraved keepsakes the day they are ordered.

Our team is committed to creating comforting products that connect people from generation to generation. We at Thumbies are driven to craft the perfect products for our clients. Now and always.

Thumbies believes in a 100% all-inclusive environment of support for all people and groups. We completely embrace the right to free speech. However, we do not support hate or obscenity. If we have a question about an engraving on an order we’ve received, we may reach out to you for clarification and understanding before beginning production.