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Collecting and Shipping Cremated Remains

Most* Cremation keepsakes require the shipping of cremated remains before an order can be placed. Thumbies® offers a collection kit to make it convenient for you to collect a decedent’s remains & place the keepsake order.

STEP 1: Request a Collection Kit

STEP 2: Collect the Remains

  • Follow the Kit instructions for collecting and packaging the cremated remains.
  • One Kit properly used provides us with enough remains to make several Cremation keepsakes.

STEP 3: Place Your Order

  • Your Collection Kit contains a unique Barcode ID number.
  • Return to the Thumbies® website and design your keepsake.
  • Enter the 8-digit Barcode ID number where indicated.
  • Complete your purchase.

STEP 4: Return the Collection Kit

  • Follow the instructions regarding packing and shipping the cremated remains.
  • Your keepsake will be placed into the production schedule once we have received the remains, and shipped upon completion.


If you’re are shipping multiple collection kits at one time, it’s CRITICAL to not mix each kit’s barcode with the barcodes from other kits. Commingled barcodes can lead to a decedent’s remains being misidentified as another individual’s.

If you have questions regarding collection, please call customer service at 877.848.6234 or 847.381.9000 outside the U.S.

The shipment of cremated remains is handled via the USPS which charges an additional handling fee for each shipment. This cost is added to your final total.

* Heritage Vessels are filled by the recipient and do not require the shipping of any cremated remains.