Caring for Your Jewelry


All Sterling Silver, Noble Bronze, and 14K White Gold keepsakes (excepting items that include Patina) are plated with an all-new Rhodium plating. This new Rhodium is harder than any currently used in the jewelry world. It is highly scratch resistant and helps prevent tarnishing, letting keepsakes retain their just-new shine longer. There is no charge for this service.


If your piece is tarnished, first try cleaning with a jewelry cloth. Often, simply polishing the keepsake will return it to its original shine. Use a good silver cream polish to restore the shine and place a protective coating (and tarnish resistor) on your piece. These are available in most hardware and grocery stores. Again, follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Silver cream polish should never be used on stones or resin.

Liquid Tarnish Remover

If heavily tarnished, remove the tarnish with a liquid tarnish remover, following the manufacturer’s instruction. It only takes a second or two. Never leave jewelry in liquid tarnish removers for longer than a few seconds. Also, never submerge jewelry with stones (synthetic or genuine) or resin in liquid tarnish remover.


Our Phoenix Collection offers many options with resin. Resin can withstand most household chemicals, but avoid exposure to DEET, which is commonly found in insect repellents. As noted above, also do not use silver cream polish or liquid tarnish remover on resin.