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Instructions for Scanning Fingerprints

Capture and submit prints with the Thumbies app!

The Thumbies app is a simple to use and works in conjunction with our fingerprint scanner to provide high-quality fingerprint scans for keepsake creation.

Order the scanner on thumbies.com and then download the free app from with the (iOS) Apple App Store or the (Android) Google Play Store. Follow the steps to become a registered user, and use this process to safely and efficiently scan and store fingerprints:

  • Step One: Input Account Key, click Done to advance.

  • Step Two: Identity the individual being printed, click Next to advance.

  • Step Three: Select a Digit, one through ten. We recommend printing all digits, but at least four to give the best print options; when finished, click Next.

  • Step Four: Configure scanned prints to save to App and/or Vault; we recommend storing all prints in our Vault for highest level of security. When finished, click Sync Now.

The app will assign each image a unique Session/Print ID Number that can be used when placing a keepsake order at thumbies.com.

The Choice is Yours

In addition to this amazing app, we will continue to fully support prints submitted as ink-on-paper, scanned ink prints, photos of ink prints, and PDF files. You get to choose what method(s) work best for you!