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Memorial, Cremation & Fingerprint Jewelry:
Become a Partner

Thumbies® keepsakes help your families connect to their loved one. We hear from families all the time that our keepsakes ease the pain of bereavement, promote healing, and create joy in memories and connection.

If you want to be able to offer your clients fully customized pieces, we are your Partner. We can create almost anything above and beyond the pieces you see on our website. Further, our strong Research & Development department are testing new product ideas often. We’ve even made offerings specifically for a particular Partner’s client-base, upon request.

The other great benefit of partnering with us is the value it adds to your business. To learn more about how this works, Apply to Become a Partner or Contact our Sales Team.

Funeral Home Partner's Experience

Thumbies® are top notch, and truly are keepsakes that tell a story. I have been a funeral director for over 25 years, and many fads within the industry have come and gone. That is not the case at all with the keepsakes from Thumbies®. The process is easy, and the outcome is always more than families expect. When families hear about Thumbies® they want to know more. Thumbies stand out from all of the other options out there because their quality is top notch. Families love the sentiment of their keepsakes, and a simple thumbprint allows families to remain connected to their loved ones. Another element that is so thoughtful is that families can order them at the time of the loss, or a year later on a special day or anniversary. Once you have that print on file, they truly sell themselves. The team at Thumbies always goes above and beyond to help me, as a funeral director and owner. Thumbies are here to stay, and for that I am grateful. Thumbies make a difference.

Carol Lynn DeFiore- Funeral Director-Owner
DeFiore Funeral & Cremation Services
Huntley, Illinois

A Family’s Experience

“Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the Thumbies. Our funeral home didn’t tell us about Thumbies; we did not know something like this existed. We are at a little loss of words knowing that Charlie’s print will be with us forever. It will be a lifelong treasure and memory of Charlie.”

William Geheren
Huntley, Illinois